Kitagawa_Utamaro_-_Hairdresser_(Kamiyui)_-_from_the_series_'Twelve_types_of_women's_handicraft_(Fujin_tewaza_juniko)'_-_Google_Art_Project(kitagawa utamaro)

there’s a spanish dessert called brazo gitano. i think spaniards are trying to come up with a new name for it just now, realizing that tourists from france and england and the americas find it offensive. it means gypsy arm. it’s a thin layer of cake (sometimes brown, often white), spread with sweet cream, chocolate, or custard, then rolled up to make an oblong cylinder. when you cut it in slices, you see a spiral of the filling in the middle. bakers often frost the outside, and sometimes put sprinkles on top. i recall somebody telling me when i was a kid that the sprinkles were like arm hair.

i wonder what alternative name they’ll come up with.

Spread2LRG._V198773820_(maira) my ode to my friends

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