pre-easter saturday

this video made me understand something i didn’t know before.

Sam turns 3. Super hero party. Six little boys in capes, three red, one green, one’s a blanket, and one’s a tea towel. It drizzles in the backyard but Sam doesn’t feel it. The nannies with crossed arms and warm doughy skin stand in the corner of the garden and sip Capri Sun between strings of gossip in Spanish.

Sam knows it’s his birthday and he knows there’s confetti cake. He spread frosting on it in the morning with the help of his 5 year-old brother. The two spelled out his name with sprinkles.

Sam rides his trike all over the yard and his friends orbit around him like little super planets. Sam! Sam! Sam! He looks up and sees the pigeons that swoop and cloud over our neighborhood, and the squirrels that trapeze on the electric line. In his head, Sam talks to them and they talk back and wish him a happy birthday, and say Boy, Confetti Cake Is the Best Choice! Sam’s so glad they think that, too. Chocolate gets boring.

He doesn’t know that the pigeons and squirrels are saying other things to themselves, that they’re wondering if there will be sunshine tomorrow, that they don’t know, and quite frankly don’t care, that it’s Sam’s 3rd birthday. He waves the animals goodbye. It’s starting to rain harder now, it’s time to go inside, time to sing.

Misha Dontsov2 (Misha Dontsov)Henri Matisse – Les Pivoines, 1907 a saturday matisse.

we went to long island to a place called sunken meadow. i’ve never seen such a grey, still sea. the ocean looked like underneath it there had indeed been, long ago, a meadow. it was more still than stone, except for a single cormorant that dipped in and out, mining for nuggets of gold or silver or oysters..

we touched a horse and a mule and a st. bernard named hans. we went bowling and we didn’t know any of the pop songs. we ate sushi in a quiet place and the tuna, we think, was definitely dyed red.


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