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i get really nervous about

September 21, 2015

these situations. when we start talking about what we want from one other


dave left in his red shirt and big fingers playing dixie blue grass shake ’em lady like you mean it, gimme more, new york city at 16, lay in a hammock then back up again to jump in the river, go on a drive, take a nice girl on a drive, new jersey divine, throw the ball wait come back, drip ice cream melt down your palm or neck or cheek. yeah i like beer, i like coffee, i like you.

dave taught me lessons about how life gets better
how you’re okay
about how to open a beer can and how glowworms and fireflies fly
how you’re okay
how you can stand there with nothing else to say and the grass says it
the breeze and the moist on the glass says it
the fingernail says it
the dog says it
how you’re okay
how a hug says it:
you’re okay
a pb and j can say it but mostly it was dave who said it:

you’re okay

the summer, poppy claude money (monet)

i should be a blade of grass, should have been born grass.

Tokuriki Tomikichiro  (tokuriki tomikichiro)


made the move

September 6, 2015

with the radio on

i survived:
the three hours at ikea, the downhills, the uhauls,
the frozen margarita, the graves and mausoleums that say good night and good morning from my window,
the sunset at sunset park and the saucy tacos and the girls with long coletas and boys with gelled up velociraptor hair and the plantains beckoning fruit flies and the fried pinwheel crispy crunchies piled high in bags for corona men,
the row houses with plastic flowers and the view of the statue of liberty
from every hill

ouka leele (ouka leele)lillia frantin (lillia frantin)