4-5-6- bop

looking forward to seeing pentagram on monday  a little power gloom to inaugurate the autumn.

Bronzino (1503-1572), Portrait of a Woman in Red ( (bronzino, “portrait of a woman in red”)

each day i learn something from the 6th graders.
one calls me oh-oh-cheerio
one, at snack time, asks for ten graham crackers and an oreo
another just wants the cheddar, only if it’s sharp
one shows me how to whip it and nae-nae it  –and she can also play the harp

one makes me feel bad about my outfits
one says “hashtag blessed” at each occasion that permits
another makes honey and grows zucchini with care
while my favorite says the next dalai should be a girl, you know, to make it fair

rembrandt rembrandt

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