Basquiat (basquiat)

“On Saturday afternoons I used to go for a walk with my mother. From the dusk of the hallway, we stepped at once into the brightness of the day. The passerby, bathed in melting gold, had their eyes half-closed against the glare, as if they were drenched with honey, upper lips were drawn back, exposing the teeth. Everyone in this golden day wore that grimace of heat–as if the sun had forced his worshippers to wear identical masks of gold. The old and the young, women and children, greeted each other with these masks, painted on their faces with thick gold paint; they smiled at each other’s pagan faces–the barbaric smiles of Bacchus.” from Bruno Schulz’s “The Street of Crocodiles.” Go read “Cinnamon Shops” and “Birds”

charles traub (charles traub)

"Lovers Among the Lilacs" (1930) by Marc Chagall is shown in this handout photo taken on June 4, 2013. The painting is part of "Chagall: Love, War and Exile" at The Jewish Museum in New York. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Richard S. Zeisler/ARS/ADAGP/The Jewish Museum via Bloomberg

“Lovers Among the Lilacs” (1930) by Marc Chagall

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