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getting weird

November 16, 2015

in the weird city:

eduardo-arroyo (eduardo arroyo)
i drank a margarita kicking woodchips under the table
and the old man band played “sabor a mi,” one of my favorite boleros, and the singers each had long ponytails
and the saxophonist made a lot of jokes and he had a smooth southern voice and pointed at me.
our hotel was right by the hooters, and glimpsing through their windows, that’s where we saw the news about paris.
we went to the capitol building and T E X A S was everywhere, the letters glittering, sparkling, engraved on every star on every wall and ceiling and light bulb and sidewalk with men asking for loose change or busking their great ideas.
after i got lost in the whole foods, we walked by the river and saw one million grackles all singing and screaming and shitting down on us during the sunset.

great-tailed-grackle_17104_600x450 (mentioned bird)
i tried four different kind of beers at the garden with christmas lights and blondes with clunky boots everywhere,
ate a chicken taco and a fish taco and lost my beanie at the foodtruckmegapolis.
in the cab ride to our lonely man hotel the driver put on his ipod and we listened to selena gomez and he sang along, and we did too, a little bit.
we saw a santa clause walking down the street and a man playing an unplugged electric guitar with his eyes closed next to the stevie ray vaughan statue.




November 3, 2015

i’m learning a lot about myself this fall. i didn’t know how much i liked yellow and crunchy leaves, for one. secondly, i now know when that hotline bling.

i like olives
i love their pits
i like the dumpling delivery boys
i love their mitts
i like mamá’s hands
they are brown
i love this damn city
i love this damn townrobertclayton (robert clayton)



irina yugo (new photos by irina rozovsky, in former yugoslovia)