on 65 degree days in february i feel like i just emerged from a womb, fists out, mouth wide, screaming that i’m here. i’m here!

i may go through times of feeling destitute, hustling, creatively incompetent, dyslexic, insensitive, overly sensitive, tired and sleepy. but i got eyes, nose, a mouth, and a great sex. fingers, feet, toes, liver, and blood.

lauren-hillebrandt (laura hillebrandt)

i got carrots to munch on, hummus when i’m lucky, figs growing at my father’s house and watermelon at the deli.

attributed-to-jean-le-noir-the-wound-of-christ-from-the-prayer-book-of-bonne-of-luxembourg-duchess-of-normandy-before-1349(Jean le Noir  – The Wound of Christ,  1349)

i got art to look inspired by religion i don’t believe in.

(c) National Trust, Hatchlands; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation (Robert Peake).

i got pictures of ladies i don’t know with ruffles that remind me of ham rolls at banquets.

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